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Dot Day 2015

 cropped-IMG_7928.jpg    IMG_7931    IMG_7930    IMG_7929    IMG_7927   IMG_7925    IMG_7924    IMG_7923  IMG_7922    IMG_7921   

Maker Faire – Orlando September 12-13, 2015

IMG_7896  IMG_7917     IMG_7914    IMG_7913

IMG_7911    IMG_7910    IMG_7909

IMG_7908    IMG_7907    IMG_7897    IMG_7893

IMG_7892    IMG_7891    IMG_7890    IMG_7889

IMG_7885    IMG_7902    IMG_7882    IMG_7881

IMG_7880    IMG_7879    IMG_7878    IMG_7877

IMG_7876    IMG_7875    IMG_7874    IMG_7873

IMG_7872    IMG_7871    IMG_7903   IMG_7869

IMG_7868   IMG_7866    IMG_7865    IMG_7904

IMG_7861    IMG_7860    IMG_7905     IMG_7915

This is the Lulzbot TAZ 4.0 printer. 


Look what came in the mail… 12/16/16


Time to read some directions.


Getting Ready to unpack.1555303_10152970452466155_1885946410828001542_n

Setting up my 3D printer.10869563_10152969572156155_2117117009931837080_o

First print in process.10482315_10152970452276155_641174172550871865_n

First Print10628358_10152970220161155_9200875260305574315_n

My print (right) with the sample print from Lulzbot. (not bad…)10478531_10152970220221155_7024060083034300178_n

Another Print




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