All the information you need for 6th Grade Science

Owl’s Opus – Owl’s Opus handouts


Table of Contents

  1. TOC
  2. Create it!
  3. Read it!
  4. Draw it!
  5. Analyze it!
  6. Sort it!
  7. Explain it!
  8. Explore it!
  9. Tech it!
  10. Match it!
  11. Reflect on it!
  12. States of Matter Sort
  13. Changing State of Matter Sort




COVER: use the Cover from the Science Tasks and Social Tasks

Page 1: Table of Contents
Page 2: 5 colored drawings of Models
Page 3: Model Notes
Page 4: What Science Looks Like to Me (Draw and Color an Illustration of what Science Looks Like to you.)
Page 5: What is Sciene Notes Doing Science Probe and Notes Handout
Page 6: Engineering Design Process Page 6-Engineering Design Process
Page 7: Scientific Method Foldup processskillsnotebook Scientific Method Fold Up and notes that go under the foldup Page 7-Scientific Method
Page 8-9: SAVE FRED Save Fred iNB pages 8-9
Page 10 – Safe Lab Drawing
Page 11: Safety Notes
Page 12: Tools Drawings
Page 13: Tools Notes

Exemplar Work (Check out this student iNB as a GREAT example)

Table of Contents

Page 2 Model Drawings                                      Page 3 – Model Notes



Page 4 – What is Science? Drawings .                Page 5 – What is Science Notes



Page 6 – Engineering Design Process and                      Page 7 – The Scientific Method

Comparing and Contrasting Engineering

Design Process and the Scientific Method



        iNB pages 8-9 Save Fred                                   iNB page 9 – Save Fred



Page 10 – Safe Lab Drawing                                               Page 11 – Safety Notes


iNB page 12 – Tools Drawings                                             iNB page 13 – Tools Notes